My “Friendly” Beer and a Bible Interview

As you probably know, over the past few months we’ve had a couple of media outlets feature Beer and a Bible (USA Today and the News and Observer). Well, Thursday night there was another opportunity.

I was contacted Wednesday by an online radio station to be interviewed live and on air about Beer and a Bible. The broadcast is called The Virtual Bible Study and is a live, internet only, call in show that airs on Thursday nights at 9pm out of Tennessee.

At first I was very excited to talk to them, as I am with any media outlet willing to let me talk about Beer and a Bible. But, after visiting their website and watching a couple of the past interviews I then became very hesitant to agree to the interview. From what I saw on their website and from what I assumed is their base demographic I wasn’t sure it would be beneficial. Only because the crowd in which we are focused on for Beer and a Bible is not really within the church. We do have christians that come, but our intention is not to create a cool christian hang out, but a place where people who are not a part of a church or have been disenfranchised from the church can come and engage in spiritual conversations. They see the value in Jesus and that he is worth learning about, but at this point in their lives they probably wouldn’t step foot in a church.

They still wanted to do the interview and assured me that they would  keep the discussion friendly and laid back.

I was sure that we would have different views on what we do and was sure that their views were much more conservative than mine. But, again…I was assured with this, “While we’ll likely differ on some of your views, we’d like to have a cordial discussion in which your view point can be heard.”

The show is about an hour long, but here’s the 20 minute portion where I was interviewed. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

BeerandaBibleInterview from A.J. Viola on Vimeo.

I did enjoy being able to share about Beer and a Bible. Any chance I get to share about the good that is happening through that I’ll always take. I do wish, however, that the interview had been a little more cordial conversation and a little less debate, but hey…we can’t always have what we want, can we?

  1. “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20 –

    I started the video and couldn’t get past the first minute and a half due to their *astonishment* over the “phenomena” of folks gathering somewhere other than a church – I couldn’t get past my own biases against their views to even finish listening – – and also why I no longer step foot in church –

    So there’s my confession and disclaimer –

    If you feel good about the interview – great – if not, well, I’m sure it wasn’t your narrow-mindedness that ruined it – – LOL

    • I felt good about the interview solely because it was an opportunity to share what we’re doing and I’m always a fan of challenging the status quo, so hopefully it’ll help stretch their thinking as to where we can encounter Jesus.

      I will offer you some encouragement though…don’t allow them or any other experiences to define church for you as a whole. I know of many really healthy churches, who do an incredible job at encountering Jesus in all avenues of life. If attending a church is still out of the question, I would try to find something like Beer and a Bible in your area where you can still engage in conversations like these.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      • After pondering the matter, I thought perhaps I should try and listen before forming the same old opinion – I made it to 7:05 – – and then I was led into temptation –

        I started judging the hosts for judging the drunks…..

        LOL – so, I quit listening so I would not be ‘led into temptation’ anymore –

        I applaud your willingness to question the status quo and venture into these territories – I’ve not yet found a way to do that without becoming that which I do not condone, so for now, guess that ‘meeting in the middle’ work will be done by others – 🙂

        I’m blessed with a wonderful community in which to explore spiritual matters and my hope is that everyone finds that community – even if it’s in a bar –


    • Mr. V
    • March 16th, 2013

    Great interview AJ. You did an awesome job of showing Gods love is everywhere. Hearing the words of Jesus is the first step to a new life with Jesus no matter where they are spoken. The Church pews might be dwindling these days but the desire in people to know about Jesus is still there. For that gentleman to say Jesus only went to the places the sinners was because of the pharisees an sadducees imperfections, I ask him to think on who the lost people today, think the pharisees an sadducees are….Having said he has conditions on where he would talk to people about Jesus is troubling…it’s obvious not everyone is going to clean up and walk into a Church building, more will after encountering people like you. Once again, great job.

  2. Listening right now, AJ. Thank you for representing the Christian community well. Difficult to wrap my mind around their arguments against Beer and a Bible and I’m thankful for what you’re doing to reach the Triangle.

  1. March 16th, 2013

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