Get Away (find your mountain top)

Sometimes you’ve just got to get away. Sometimes you’ve just got to take some time to be alone. To do some self-reflection. To ask the hard questions of yourself and answer those questions truthfully. And it doesn’t have to take a long time to do it.

For me it took about 45 seconds of staring at this to have that moment:


(please click on that picture to make it bigger and see how pretty it is)

We went skiing this past weekend and we couldn’t have picked a better couple of days for it. It snowed the whole time we skied Sunday night, and looked like this the next morning. Just perfect.

This picture came from a moment where I had a chance to head to the top of the mountain by myself for a few runs. I rode that lift on the left side of the picture to the top as I have since I was a kid and was caught up in the beauty of what surrounded me.

Skiing has always been an escape for me. Whether it’s been racing through slalom and GS gates as fast as I can, shredding up the snow with a bunch of friends, crashing hard on a jump I tried while trying to impress someone, or just making those long slow carves that makes the S shape on the snow. Some of the most peaceful moments I’ve ever had in my life were in this exact spot. On top of Beech Mountain right after they opened the lifts with hardly anyone else on the slopes. Just me, the snow and God’s creation.

I wouldn’t say I’m the most environmentally focused person ever to exist…I honestly enjoy the city more than the mountains, but there is just something about looking over this view that helps me refocus and think clearly.

We all have a spot like this. A certain bench in a park. A section of a bike ride. A view of a cityscape. A specific seat at a coffee shop. A trail through a national park. Whatever it is there are times where we just need to get away. To focus.

Maybe you haven’t found your spot. Maybe you haven’t had a moment like this in a long time. Maybe life has just gotten too busy for you to actually find time to stop. To slow down. To evaluate if the things you’re doing are actually what you want to be doing.

I would encourage you to find your spot. Maybe it takes a day trip. Go. Schedule it. Make time for it. If you can’t then cancel something so that you can. You probably didn’t need to do it anyway.

If you don’t take time to refocus and to get away you’ll never be able to catch up.

You’ll run out of gas.

On the drive home from this trip I kept the car in cruise control as much as I could. It just makes the trip easier. One of the things I’ve noticed about cruise control is that it takes into account the ups and downs of the road. When you start going uphill and the car starts to slow down it gives the car a little punch to make up for the lost speed. When you’re going downhill and gravity kicks in and the car starts moving faster it’ll slow the car down a bit so you will keep going the speed you selected.

We have to do that for our lives as well. Life keeps trying to throw us downhill and increase the speed of everything around us. If we don’t apply the brakes to our lives we’ll end up going faster than we want to and when you go faster than you’re supposed to that’s when you get in trouble.

Slow down. Get away. Be intentional and take the time you need to apply the brakes to your life so you can actually enjoy the ride.

Find your mountain top.

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