Thoughts from Beer and a Bible (Darkness into Light)

Another night of Beer and a Bible down and another morning of still being excited about the conversations that we had.

If you missed my first post about Beer and a Bible be sure to check out and my last post on it.

Before I get to last night’s thought that really stood out to me I wanted to reiterate one of my favorite things about Beer and a Bible. Last night we had 5 people there for the first time and I’m always worried when people come for the first time because I really want to make sure they feel welcome and feel comfortable in the environment. Obviously, we’re in a bar, so it’s not hard to feel comfortable there, but when it comes to engaging in spiritual conversations it’s easy for people to feel a little reserved.

But, when people come for the first time and they are welcomed right away and they start forming relationships almost immediately after they walk in the door it just makes my day. To see people engage in these spiritual, real life conversations right away is really cool.

We need more spaces like that. We need more spaces where people can come in for the first time, feel like they have a place right away, as well as feel like they have a voice and are able to contribute to the conversation.

Ok…on to last night’s insight.

The text we read from last night was John 9 (click on the link for some context). The super abbreviated version of this text is that Jesus heals a blind man by putting mud on his eyes, then gets in trouble by the religious leaders of his day for doing it on the Sabbath, the traditional day of rest, then he and the formerly blind man both lay into them for caring more about rules as opposed to compassion.

An insight that really stood out to me last night came from verses 6-7, “After saying this, he spit on the ground, made some mud with the saliva, and put it on the man’s eyes. “Go,” he told him, “wash in the Pool of Siloam” (this word means “Sent”). So the man went and washed, and came home seeing.”

Think about this. Instead of just waving his hands or snapping his fingers or pulling out his magic wand and curing this man’s blindness, he uses spit and dirt to make mud, then puts that mud on his face and then he washes the mud off and he can see. Spit. And dirt. On his face.

If Jesus is God, then why didn’t he just do a little incantation and make this guy be able to see? Here’s what I think. Over and over again throughout his life we see Jesus using things and people that are dirty, unclean, not the cream of the crop and the unexpected to bring about life change and beauty.

Over and over again Jesus takes mud, dirt and darkness turns it into light, into beauty.

This is Jesus’ M.O., it’s what he does. He specializes in taking our junk, our dirtiness, our darkness and turning it into light.

So, here’s the hope. Whatever your thoughts on Jesus, who he was, is or what he’s about, I encourage and challenge you to think of Jesus in these terms: Jesus is all about turning your darkness into light.

No matter what you’re going through, what you’ve done, where you are or where you’ve been…Jesus wants to take your dirt, your mud and turn it into light. He wants to open your eyes to a new way of life. A life filled with light and beauty and color and compassion.

  1. What if in the future that there were no church buildings? What I love about Beer and the Bible is that it strips away all the things that can tend to bug people. No offering plates, no stuffy people, and no agenda.

    Beer and the Bible lets me know that our faith will survive, no matter what, because in the end, only what Jesus said and did really matters.

  2. I’ve always said that for any town to have some semblance of balance, there needs to be one bar or liquor store for every church – – –

    I absolutely love your Beer and a Bible idea and so pleased to hear how well it’s going!

    I’ve been pondering on the ‘dark side’ these past few weeks — in a society that seems bent on ignoring, medicating or tranquilizing our ‘darker sides’ (anger, depression, grief) I struggle to understand as I personally feel I’ve learned so much in journeying through these emotions and how much depth they’ve given me regarding my spiritual growth – –

    So nice to hear someone else talking about when darkness becomes light….

    Great post!


  3. A thought on the means of mud… I’m reminded of the end of the first chapter of 1 Cor (v26-31). Or even Gen 1 for that matter. God has been displaying his power- by taking those things least suitable for the job and empowering them to do the job- since the beginning. I see this in my own life as well.

  1. February 27th, 2013

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