Follow Up to “You Never Know” (aka: Second Chances)

Talk about a roller coaster of emotion!

Last week I found out the kid I mentor with at Neighbor 2 Neighbor and who I have been mentoring for almost 2 years had moved away and would no longer be in the program. Needless to say, I was quite disappointed.

Here’s the blog post I wrote about it: You Never Know

But, oh how things change.

Yesterday I got an email from one of the directors of N2N that said, while his living situation is not stable, he is still in Raleigh and WILL be at mentoring tonight. So, that’s pretty cool, to say the least.

2nd chances. Not everyone gets them, but when we do we should be grateful and take advantage of them.

While we can’t plan for or expect 2nd chances in this life, we can hope for them…but more importantly, we can use the 1st chance we have to work our hardest, to love fiercely, to give generously and to make the most of the opportunities we have now.

Live as if this is the only chance you’ll get to do whatever it is you’re doing.

I, for one, plan to take advantage of it. To let Andrew know that he’s cared for and how much I appreciate our time together.

  1. That is really great. I know it will mean a lot to him, that despite his roller coaster at home, that you are a constant in his life.

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