Lent – Gut Check

It’s interesting when you don’t change any of your daily routine, but you look at everything you do with a different perspective.  That was yesterday for me.  The Lent practice was to share a meal with friends, which we already had 2 meals with friends planned…so that was easy.  However, when you do something with a different perspective things change.  I realized yesterday as I was sharing these meals with my friends that we are not just eating together…we are sustaining life together.  Not only physically (got to eat to live), but relationally and spiritually as well.  As we engaged in conversation and laughter I realized that it is times like these that help us all go on.  And since, I believe, all relationships are made better because of our relationship with Christ, then sharing a meal together is not just sustaining our physical and relational lives, but also our spiritual lives (wherever two or more are gathered…)

So, that was pretty cool…

As for today, today was gut check time.

Today’s practice was to write a prayer to God explaining the habits, behaviors, and sins you want to die to.  Not as fun as eating with friends, especially since when it comes to sinners, Paul might have claimed the worst of all spot, but I’m a close second.

Today was basically a reminder of how much I suck and how much God is awesome.  As I was writing I was being reminded of how often I choose me over him.  It’s not usually a verbal choice.  I rarely think to myself, “you know what God?  Your way seems kinda boring right now.  So, I’m going to do this even though you really don’t want me to.”  It usually doesn’t happen like that.

But,  I’ll tell you how it does happen…and maybe you can relate.  I’m so engrained in my lifestyle, in my personality that my choices seem to reflect who it is I worship the most.  I try with everything that I am to make it evident to all who know me who I am living for…but sometimes even I can’t tell.

I know most of us don’t usually choose us over God…in fact, I believe that if God were to lay out his plan for our lives right in front of us so we could see the great things he has planned for us we would still stray from it from time to time…but, what if, instead of not choosing and  letting the god of me win out, we actually chose to follow the God of truth?

What if we, everyday, in every situation, conversation and action, chose God’s will instead of ours?  How different would our lives look?  How different would the lives of those around us look?  I don’t care if I have to wear a WWJD bracelet to be reminded of it…if you believe the bible when it says that God has great plans for our lives then why would we ever choose anything else?

On a side note, I think I’m going to stick with the tattoos instead of the WWJD bracelets…I’m pretty sure they went out of style a long time ago.

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