Lent – Love Wins

Today worked out quite well. The lent practice for today was to basically do something for your neighbor. It worked out well because today was our monthly day that we serve with Love Wins if you haven’t heard of Love Wins you need to go to their website and give them a bunch of money so they can continue to do the awesome work they are doing.

Love Wins’ main focus is on building relationships with and showing unconditional love to the homeless community in downtown Raleigh. (sounds like a novel idea for all of us to be practicing with everyone we meet) The most visible practice you will see them doing is handing out coffee and sausage biscuits every Saturday and Sunday mornings in Moore Square Park downtown.

But here’s what you don’t see. You don’t see Hugh, the founder of Love Wins, when he’s at doctor appointments with his friends who are homeless because they have no one else to go with them. You don’t see him when he is sitting in the dark with his friends whose power just got shut off because they couldn’t afford the bill. You don’t see him when he is referred to as their pastor…not because he stands in front of them on a Sunday for an hour and then they don’t see him again till the next week, but because he is living out the truest sense of the word. You don’t see this because he’s one of the most humble guys I know and because what he does isn’t always pretty, but since when has life been all sunshine and roses?

What if each of us took seriously the call to show unconditional love and to build relationships with anyone and everyone we came into contact with? I know that’s kind of a bold question, but is it too far out there? What if we loved our neighbors so much that those who love Jesus, and those who wanted nothing to do with him, could only use the word “pastor” to describe us because of our relationship with them?

Serving with Love Wins, for me, is not just a chance to check off my good deed for the month. It’s an opportunity to learn, to grow, to drink a cup of coffee with someone who has had more life experience than I will probably ever have, and to see hope in action.

Love is winning. I encourage you to buy Hugh a cup of coffee (I’m pretty sure he’s a fan of French press) and learn more…

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